Fourth Chemo Treatment

I had my fourth chemo treatment on December 9, 2009. I am happy to say everything went great. This time I put my Lidocaine cream on when I was on my way to Chemo, so it would not wear out this time, and it worked. It did not hurt when they put the needle in, I told the nurse Tonya, who inserted the needle, that I want her to do it every time. Now was it the way she did it or the cream or both, I just know she caused me no pain. I also had no reaction again to the Taxateer Drug and that is a very good thing.

My sister Jeni came up with some homemade chocolate chip cookies for all the nurses and patients who wanted some, oh how they love us! ha. I am hoping to bake my famous Cowboy cookies and take some up before Christmas, they so deserve it!

They told me how I do with the first chemo treatment will be how I should do each time, and they were right. Actually the last two have been better. I do get weaker and tired and it takes me 8 to 10 days to feel really good again. I can do light housework, laundry, just so I do not over due at all. The worst part to me is when I lose my taste buds, ugh, and I have to eat and nothing taste good you just feel yuk!!! But at least I do not get real sick so I am very fortunate, it just is not any fun!!! My Doctor says I am doing really good and the Chemo is working so that is great!

I wanted to share with you this information. There’s a Test to Find Out Your Risk… getting Breast or Ovarian cancer if it runs in your family. It’s called BRACAnalysis, it is a blood test that lets you know if you have the gene. There is also a great video that is about 10 minutes long. It does not run in my family, but how did I get it, I do not know, like all the others that it did not run in their families either. My Doctor says this is an expensive test that runs between $2,000 and $3,000 dollars. If it runs in your family it would be worth it so you could be prepared. If not, you need to do your monthly self-exams and get checked by your Doctor regularly. More and more young women in there twenties are getting Breast Cancer and it spreads quicker the younger you are. Be prepared and catch it early, so much easier on you and your life. This website is :

I have to THANK YOU ALL for your continued love and support, your donations and wonderful prayers that help me in my every day life!!! You all are wonderful and I am glad I can touch your lives also, life is short, let us enjoy the time we have,I have this trial I must go through, I know not why, I know it has made me a stronger person and I have always loved people but I will look at them a little differently now. Wondering who might be going through what I am or something similar, we all need each other and big smiles, be kind to those you meet and be patient with those that drive on the streets with us.

Have a Wonderful and Safe Holiday, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!!!!

Love, Debbie